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The main benefits for patients are:

  • reducing stress;

  • suppressing hyperactivity;

  • reducing mental and muscular tensions;

  • pressure reduction;

  • strengthening the immune system;

  • reducing the feeling of loneliness.

Animal assisted therapy is a therapy supporting treatment and rehabilitation
disabled. This therapy works especially well with people
having emotional disorders and developmental deficits.

In Poland, the most common forms of are: hipotherapy - horses,  
felinotherapy - cats,   kynotherapy - dogs.

Currently, we run dog assisted therapy classes at the Inter Pares Foundation.


Animal assisted therapy - therapy with the participation of animals.



Research conducted for many years proves that not only direct therapy with the participation of animals, as well as being in their environment, have a positive effect on human health.


Dog therapy is a method that strengthens the effectiveness of personality development, education and rehabilitation, in which the motivator is a properly selected and trained dog. The company of dogs motivates the patient to take up challenges, gives a sense of security, builds self-esteem. Therapy becomes fun and the goals set are achieved in a relaxed atmosphere.

It is effective in:

· Reducing tension and anxiety;
· Reducing the feeling of loneliness;
· Opening to communication with the outside world;  
· Developing empathy;
· Speech stimulation;
· Developing vocabulary;
· Improving memory and concentration;
· Meeting the need for exercise;
· Making patients better respond to negative external stimuli;
· Improving sensory integration;
· Training fine and gross motor skills;
· Relaxation and tranquility;
· Building self-esteem, which is transferred to other areas of life.

For children and adults:

· Lonely, fearful. shy, showing anti-social behavior
· Warming up to depression and the feeling of isolation caused by the pandemic,
· With cerebral palsy,
· With Down syndrome,
· With ADHD,
· Mentally handicapped,
· Patients with schizophrenia,
· Patients with arthritis and muscle atrophy,
· With damage to eyesight or hearing,
· Suffering from Alzheimer's disease

and many other health issues.


Dog assisted therapy (kynotherapy) - dog

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