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My animal

The classes were organized for a group of 20 children from the Sociotherapeutic Community Center in Kowalewo Pomorskie at the Między Równymi studio on the market square in Golub-Dobrzyń.

A series of art therapy workshops as well as team games and activities on animal subjects. During the classes, the children created a common mural based on animals symbolizing their personality, painted a great picture of emotions, played animal calamari and helped to look after the foundation's charges living in the studio: the dog Chestnut, the rabbit Kacper, the tortoise Tytus, sticks and ribs.

The aim of the classes was to awaken children's sensitivity to animals in need through emotional education in the form of art therapy, building and strengthening children's bonds with each other and between children and animals, educating them about the rights and needs of animals, developing creative thinking and a new way of looking at interpersonal and interspecies relationships.


Activities financed by the Inter Pares Foundation collected from donations and from the foundation's economic activity - the graphic studio of the Graphic Farm.

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