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We run an animal sanctuary, where we save abandoned, neglected, old, sick and unwanted animals, we keep them safe and look for new, loving homes for them.

Inter Pares means Between Equals

We believe, that every individual, be it human or animal deserves an equal chance to live and thrive in a clean, safe, natural habitat, to be accepted in a social group and build strong, healthy relationships with other individuals. On our farm, in the Polish countryside, we have created the perfect environmentfor intercultural, intergenerational and interspecies gatherings where humans from different backgrounds and rescued animals support each other  and build a small community.

We run an animal shelter, where homeless and neglacted animals find refuge. We provide them with shelter, medical aid and healthy meals. Many old and sick animals find a forever home in the foundation, as they are not easy to adopt. Almost all of the animals rescued by us actively participate in our therapeutic projects, which support humans in need, like children from troubled backgrounds and the disabled. The projects include: animal assisted therapy, art therapy, creative workshops, forest walks, deep-ecology lessons and physical activities among animals.



We are a group of people who have been helping homeless and abandoned animals for many years. We established the Inter Pares Foundation in March 2018 to increase the range of our activities and improve our work . 


We help directly: with intervention activities, providing temporary homes, veterinary care and supervision of adoption procedures, but mainly we want to help animals by reaching the source of the problem of their ill-treatment and homelessness, i.e. by educating people


By organizing various types of volunteering, educational and cultural programs, workshops developing emotional awareness, meetings promoting social responsibility and sensitivity to the fate of animals, addressed mainly to children and adolescents, we want to increase the chances that the next generations will treat not only animals but also each other better.

 Inter Pares Foundation is located in a picturesque area near Golub-Dobrzyń, on the Drwęca River, in Rodzone, in the Radomin Commune. We have an area of 1.5 ha at our disposal, where animals under our care live and where we organize various therapeutic activities, educational lectures and artistic workshop.

We mainly live off donations, virtual adoptions and collections. Additionally, in 2018 we became the Social Economy Enterprise and thanks to the grant we founded the graphic studio - Graphic Farm.  By implementing commercial graphic designs, we earn extra money for the maintenance of our animals.


We help homeless and abused animals by:

  • giving a safe haven under the care of volunteers;

  • intervening in cases of negligence;

  • providing the necessary veterinary care;

  • looking for new, loving homes;

  • supervising adoption and post-adoption processes;

  • conducting a program of sterilization and castration;

  • helping with transportation;

  • helping local farm dogs stay warm in winter by insulating doghouses.

See who is looking for a home

Meet our animals, who are looking for a new, safe home.

Meet our residents

See which animals live with us permanently.


Animal education

Educational activities in the field of: how organizations helping animals work, the problem of homelessness - dogs and cats, the rights and needs of animals, caring for pets and farm animals.

Animal assisted therapy

Meetings for residents of the Golub-Dobrzyń poviat, aimed at children and adolescents with disabilities and depression, ADHD, showing emotional disorders.

Drwęca Youth club

Youth club aimed at increasing the social activity of local youth.

Project co-financed by European Funds.



Classes which are a combination of ecology, graphics and upcycling for children and teenagers conducted at Inter Pares Foundation in Rodzonem in the Natura 2000 area on the Drwęca River.


See how you can help?

Donate to our account

Pay any amount

by bank transfer

to our account:

62 1140 2004 0000 3002 7754 4765

Donate 1%

Give us 1% of your tax. When filling in your PIT, please add our Foundation.

the fundraiser

Join one
from the collections of our Foundation:


Adopt a pet from

our sanctuary to your home

or adopt virtually.

a volunteer

Help with the animals,
join in workshops
or help us promote
our work.

Feed the pets

Organize a collection of food, treats or accessories

for our pupils

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