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We organize therapeutic, educational and development workshops for children and their parents from the local community to strengthen mutual relations and promote respect for animals.

We have created a space where children, their parents and animals under the care of the Foundation can spend their free time together and participate in interesting projects and events.


We organize, among others:

  • zootherapy workshops (dog therapy);

  • art and graphic classes;

  • study visits;

  • meditation and development workshops with horses;

  • language workshops (English);

  • intergenerational meetings;

  • cultural and artistic events.

See what projects we have completed recently


Youth Club "Nad Drwęca"

03.2021 - 05.2022

Youth club aimed at increasing the social activity of local youth.

Project co-financed by European Funds.


Colorful Summer at the Market Square


Addiction prevention and domestic violence workshops on cynotherapy, art therapy and sports activities.


Zootherapy on the Drwęca river

2018 - 2021

Classes for residents of the Golub-Dobrzyń poviat, aimed at children and adolescents with disabilities and depression, ADHD, showing emotional disorders.


Great image of emotions

09 - 12.2018

Large-scale intergenerational art classes organized at Pracownia Między Równe for children, adolescents and their parents from Golub-Dobrzyń and neighborhoods at risk of social exclusion.


Ah, these emotions!

09 - 12.2018

Intergenerational art classes in easel painting organized at the Między Równe Studio for children, adolescents and their parents from Golub-Dobrzyń and neighborhoods at risk of social exclusion.


My animal

10.2019 - 01.2020

The classes were organized for a group of 20 children from the Sociotherapeutic Community Center in Kowalewo Pomorskie at the Między Równymi studio on the market square in Golub-Dobrzyń.


Graphic farm

from 2018

Graphic studio - economic activity of the Inter Pares Foundation. It employs 3 socially excluded people. He implements advertising graphic designs. The income from the studies is intended for the statutory purposes of the Foundation.


Psieducacja Między Równe

from 2018 to 2021

Educational classes with elements of dog therapy for schools and kindergartens in the Golub-Dobrzyń poviat organized both in the foundation's studio and with access to schools and kindergartens.


Photo sessions

from 2018

Free thematic and occasional photo sessions. Graphically processed photos. A project promoting the protection of animals, building positive family and interpersonal relations.


Black Dog, Lousy Fate

09 - 12.2018

Educational classes, dogotherapy and atretherapy workshops for school and kindergarten groups from the Golub-Dobrzyń poviat ended with an art competition.


Art therapy in the Market Square


A monthly, holiday series of classes for a group of adults and disabled children from therapeutic kindergartens and social welfare centers ...


Spontaneous & ecographic

09 - 12.2018

Classes which are a combination of ecology, graphics and upcycling for children and teenagers conducted at the seat of the Inter Pares Foundation in Rodzonem in the Natura 2000 area on the Drwęca River.


Holidays with the Foundation

27/01/2020 - 01/02/2020

Weekly holidays for a group of 10 children from the Golub market square. Classes conducted at the Między Równymi studio. Art therapy, zootherapy, cultural and entertainment workshops, karaoke.

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