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Colorful summer on the market

Project entitled "Conducting preventive informational and educational activities in the field of solving alcohol-related problems, drug addiction in connection with the implementation of the tasks included in the program of counteracting domestic violence, in particular for children and adolescents: extracurricular sports activities, as well as after-school club activities with elements of addiction prevention, including secondary ones, including for children from environments at risk of alcohol-related problems, during the summer rest. "

The project is organized in cooperation with the Golub-Dobrzyń City Hall, the Sociotherapeutic Club in Golub-Dobrzyń and the Wróbelek Private Kindergarten. Classes for a group of 25 people, 5 days a week, lasting one month. Addiction prevention and domestic violence workshops on cynotherapy, art therapy and sports activities.

The project is financed by public funds of the Golub-Dobrzyń City Commune and funds of the Inter Pares Foundation, collected from donations and collections.

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