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Great Emotion Image

Large-scale intergenerational art classes organized at Pracownia Między Równe for children, adolescents and their parents from Golub-Dobrzyń and neighborhoods at risk of social exclusion.

A series of meetings during which the group creates an abstract image of 3 x 6 m. Each work corresponds to a separate emotion. Each emotion is first discussed and analyzed. Based on this analysis, the group selects adequate figures and colors to express a given emotion as accurately as possible in the form of a plastic composition.

The aim of the classes is, among others: developing emotional awareness, building intergenerational bonds, spending time creatively together, detachment from the gray reality, creative and emotional expression, counteracting social exclusion, addictions and domestic violence.

The classes were financed from the funds of the Inter Pares Foundation, collected from donations and collections.

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